Writing user story in use case basis

Page 976 of the Guide says:

How to create one or more user stories within an use case, VP v14.1, Professional?

I’ve been trying for HOURS various aspects, it simply doesn’t work, and the screen shown in the PDF is not visible as presented in the actual application.

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Flavius Aspra

I’m using the Modeler edition so can’t reproduce everything, however… Based on my experiences and what you shared above it looks to me as if the primary requirement here is also to put your project within UeXceler control. Which means utilizing VPository.

Easily checked: if you have your use case open then check the palette. It should show 3 categories: Use case (obviously), Common and Free Hand. The common category also provides access to user stories. So: find the user story in your palette (a blue/cyan rectangle) and drag and drop.

I can imagine 2 things happening: either you’ll get the user story right away (after all, to my knowledge Professional fully supports native Agile) or… you’ll get a warning about UExceler. If the latter happens then the only option I’m aware of is to register an account on VPository, then save your project on the vpository server which will also provide UeXceler control, which means web/cloud-based Agile support.

I hope this gave you enough hints to get this working.

Peter, thanks for trying to help out.

Yes, I’m using VPository and UeXceler.

I have described my problem with screenshots here:

I’m looking forward for your help, if you have some ideas.

Re-read it a few times but I still don’t understand the problem. Maybe that’s because of the difference in license but… I can’t help wonder if this isn’t somehow an issue of mixing up local functionality with web-based functionality. Do note: this is a wild guess on my part.

See: when I have a Use Case diagram I can’t send use cases to a backlog of some sorts. However, I can add user stories to it. When I do so then those user stories are only related to the current UC diagram, I don’t see them re-appear in my sprint or anything.

Main reason for that (that I can think of) is because the UeXceler features are all based on VPository. However, VP also provides general support for AGILE on a local basis (non-web).

And sometimes those can get mixed up. So is it possible that something like that happened here as well?