Display diagram from referenced project to current project

In our modeling, each business process models in different VP projects. and then create a master project and referenced other project to master project.
I need to create a Mirror and reference copy of one diagrams and all it’s children elements and relations to display a read-only or in some case a editable diagram in master project.
I can drag and drop models from model explorer for example a Pool, but it just show Pool without its children and I have to add all model elements again manually .
Is there any way to do this request?

Hi Alidoost,

Only the selected element in the Model Explorer will be visualized in the diagram when you drop them, that means in order to include the child elements, you need to also select them individually.

The pool can also has its lanes visualized when you selected the lanes and drop them together. However, you can show the lanes afterwards using the “show lane” function as shown in a previous post:


Hope this helps,


Sorry for a late response, I’ve been a bit pre-occupied and only spotted this thread just now.

There is an easy way: don’t drag and drop but instead rely on copy/paste. So in your original diagram select the pool (click), right click to bring up the menu and then select “Copy => Copy within Visual Paradigm”.

Then open the new diagram, right click somewhere to bring up the menu again and this time either use “Paste view” (this will create a new (auxiliary) view) or use “Paste model element”.

The difference between these methods is that a new view will re-use all the properties of the original model element. So if you change something in the model element then these changes will also be applied on all different views.

If you paste a new model element then you’re basically creating a new separate copy.

Hope this can help!