Quickest way to find instances of an element

This arises from the problem I had understanding the mysterious “Master” and “Auxiliary” markers explained in this thread

I now find I need to find the auxiliaries with a view to ensuring I don’t change them (or copy them in a safer way, so I can change them)

But I also find the need to find all copies of ANY given element with a view to modifying one or more for various reasons, and so far the only way to do it seem to manually searching every diagram. That’s a bit tedious and I’m guessing that VP has a more intelligent way to do it. But it’s well hidden!

Anyone care to share the secret?

The CTRL+F is the trick. Knew I’d seen something like this on the tutorials. Could not remember where or how. Only found it again while looking for the “find and replace”…

There are more options, but the results can vary…

There’s also ‘jump’ (control-shift-j) which allows you to directly jump to any model in any given diagram. Although it won’t give you a full direct overview it’s usable, and has name completion so you don’t have to remember everything from mind.

Another option, in my opinion more usable for what you’re trying to do, is to look for related elements. Right click on an element, find the “Related elements” section and then use the “show dependent model elements”.

There’s even better stuff: in that same section find “Show other views…” and you get a full overview of all the diagram(s) which utilize the current model element (so: which contain either master or auxiliary views).

I don’t know what license / edition you use but there’s even more available for higher tiered licenses. From the top of my head it’s “Standard” and up, but I could be mistaken there. Even so: still in that very same section find “Analysis”. This will create a new (dynamic) diagram (or use an existing one) and it’ll show you all the relationships of the current element:

But as said: that feature is only available in higher tiered licenses, but a very powerful one.

There are more solutions to this problem :slight_smile:

I find the best way to view all auxiliary views for a particular element is to right click on that element within your current active diagram and use the “Select in Tree” option (under Selection). This should select the element within the model explorer pane. Right click on the selected element and use the “Show View…” option. A dialog will appear and will display all the diagrams where this element belongs on.
I am not certain whether you need a specific license to be able to use this functionality but its a godsend if you have access to it!

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You can show other views directly by Related Elements > Show Other Views… in popup.


thanks to all the above.
I’m experimenting with the options as we speak…