Automated Column Abbreviations "Person Name" to PERSON_NAME


abbreviations set used from Logical to Physical model are nice feature keeping logical model more business looking. But imagine we have hundreds of tables each with tens of columns… creating abbreviations sets is some quite large amount of work.

Instead of this we would like to use automated abbreviation.

In Logical model I have column:
“Person Name”
“Phone Number”

Those will become in Physical:

How can I achieve this functionality?

Suggestion: Maybe some kind of function editor will help where I can use standard Java functions:
String.replace(" “,”_").toUpperCase();

So the user will be able to write its own more complex abbreviation logic:
If (String.indexOf(“Lookup Table”) > 1) {
PhysicalTablename = “L” + LogicalTableName.replace(" “,”_").toUpperCase();

Thank you for any suggestions.



The best solution I can come up with is a plugin.

Visual Paradigm doesn’t provide functions or keyboard macros, but it does provide the option to develop plugins which can perform automative tasks. You basically need the SDK (which is the openapi.jar file that is already included with the program), an editor and some basic understanding of Java.

I wrote a brief guide on how to develop plugins using VS Code just the other day:

I also wrote a more extensive guide on plugin development a while back which also explains a bit more about the environment itself:

And of course there’s also official documentation about the VP OpenAPI.

Hope this can help!

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@ShelLuser - Thx a lot, I will be examinating the plugin api definitely to bring more functionality. Temporarily I export to Excel, rename via macro and import back the whole diagram. It requires some time, but doable.

Still, I am already working on concept of dynamic compilation of functions: